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Upcoming Event: Feast of St George - Mstay Blog

Upcoming Event: Feast of St George

Feast of St George


Trafalgar Square


22nd April 2017


The national day of the patron saint of England is approaching. On the 22nd of April, stalls selling traditional English grub will be set up and people will congregate to celebrate St George’s Day, a day of feasting and merriment. There will be games, music and live performance as well as cooking demonstrations from some of the country’s best known chefs.


St George is best known for the legend of St George and the Dragon. In it, St George defeats a dragon that’s ravaging the countryside. It was about to eat the King’s daughter, until St George wounded and tamed the dragon, saving the princess and the kingdom.
Why not celebrate St George’s Day with a pasty, some mead or sack, jousting and a bit of celtic dancing? You can do all this come St George’s Day after a short walk from MStay 27, the Paddington Hotel.