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Basic Tips for Visiting London - Mstay

Basic Tips for Visiting London

So You’re Visiting London

Lucky you! Whether you’re visiting London for the first time or have been before, London offers countless experiences and diversions. Whether you’re here on your own or with friends and family, and whether you’re here for business or you’re holidaying, there’s too much to see in one trip. London is one of the most diverse and dynamic metropolitan cities in the world, so it can be a bit daunting to visit. What should you do and how should you prepare? Here’s an emergency itinerary for what you should expect and do to get the most out of the trip.

What to Take?

If you’re visiting from outside of London, you might be interested in the rich cultural history of the city, it’s Churches, universities, parliament buildings and museums. An English dictionary for non-English speakers and a map of the areas you’re going to visit will come in handy. Also, either money for transport or a travel card to ride on London’s many trains, buses and Santander Cycles. You might want to take snacks if you’re planning on walking a long distance or visiting London’s parks, as the City is a big place. Also, suitable clothing for the weather. At this time of the year, it’s not quite warm coat weather but layers are advisable.

Where to Go?

London has numerous attractions, something for everyone regardless of what your interests are. Here’s a list of many of the best and most interesting attractions which will be available this month, from food festivals to theatre to ship shows. If you’re one of those organised people who gets all their Christmas shopping done a couple of months in advance, then you’ll want to visit these Christmas shops, or to just get in the festive mood these are the Christmas festivals that will be lighting up around London.

What to Do?

If you’re looking for novel ideas of how to spend your time, rather than just go from restaurant to museum to park, here are some things you might not have thought of. Backpacking is a time honoured tradition in the UK that deserves a renaissance, and is very good for your health. Or, you could visit the West End of London, to see if there’s a show you might like. It’s often the one thing that people forgo on their first trip to London, in favour of visiting the more traditional sights. Some of the musicals have been running for decades, as they have withstood the test of time and become well-loved classics.

Where to Stay?

That’s an easy one! For accommodation that could be mistaken for a first class hotel room, but without the high cost, MStay hotels and apartments are somewhere that anyone can stay at and where everyone would feel at home. With all the modern conveniences of a television, shower facilities, daily room cleaning services and WiFi, MStay is the perfect place to relax and refuel during your excursions in and around London. There are various alternative rooms including family and singles.